Richard Nixon Gomez

By Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr. 

QUEZON CITY — The Philippines has earned international recognition with three gold medals for Filipino Inventions. 

Filipino inventors and scientists Richard Nixon Gomez and his son Rigel Gomez won three gold awards for their entries in the E-Nnovate International Invention & Innovation on May 16-18, 2024 in Krakow, Poland. 

Their inventions were based on Technical Papers submitted and supported by actual inventions manufactured by Bauertek Farmaceutical Technologies, namely Black Garlic, Cancur, and PiCur. 

During the Press Conference on the International Recognition for Filipino Inventions in Max’s Restaurant in Quezon Memorial Circle on Thursday (May 23), DOST Secretary Dr. Renato U. Solidum, Jr. said that “noong malaman ko na nanalo ng prestigious awards sina Richard Nixon Gomez ay dapat magkaroon tayo ng press conference.”

“This has been supported by the national agencies and local government accelerating innovation and technology,” Solidum said. 

“In behalf of the DOST, we are proud of the international recognition as we have supported Bauertek in the past and continuing,” he added. 

Richard Nixon Gomez expressed his gratitude to the DOST and the national agencies for their support to Bauertek. 

“It has been a journey with the DOST,” Gomez said. 

He stressed that during the height of the Covid-19, Bauertek started hiring employees in order to provide income to those affected by restrictions of the pandemic. 

He also said that there is now an ongoing collaboration with the UP-PGH on pediatric oncologists in order to treat leukemia. 

Aside from the equipment provided by the DOST, there was a partnership with the academe, the DOST. 

The partnership with the DOST and the academe involved the hybrid turmeric in the Isabela State University in Ilagan, Isabela. 

Likewise, with the partnertship with the Nueva Ecija State University in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija. 

The latest partnership with the DOST involved the assistance in the amount of PhP37 5-million project. 

Rigel Gomez cited the E-Nnovate International Invention & Innovation Summit held in Krakow, Poland. 

He said that they received their first special award for PiCur, which is the world’s powerful natural antioxidant. 

Because of technical glitch, Rigel Gomez said that they were surprised that it was announced that the grand prize was given to Cancur, which is PhytoCsnnabinoids to enhance ECS Receptors. 

Richard Nixon Gomez stressed that Cannabis is legal in Israel, Poland and in many countries in Asia and Europe. 

He said that 95 percent of the medicines prescripted in Israel is smoked. 

Gomez had been to several Cannabis facilities and plantations in countries in Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America and his commitment was that “What we have seen from those countries, we will surpass them.” 

“We don’t need to import Cannabis, because we have our own Cannabis which are of high concentrate compared with those from other countries,” Gomez said. 

“Our entry (Cancur) stood out because of consistent low dosage and efficacy,” Rigel Gomez said. 

“Cancur is legal in Poland and we all had the technical papers and supported by actual Inventions,” Richard Nixon Gomez said. 

Before the Bauertek came in, there was already a collaboration between the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) in Laoag, Ilocos Norte and the government of Japan involving Black garlic. 

” I think, we are 90 percent done with all the demolition in the 300-hectare in the CLSU (Central Luzon State University) and it would take another 3 years to complete it,” Richard Nixon Gomez said. 

He cited that Bauertek started as a small company and because of the financial help of DOST, Bauertek improved its research and development, laboratory and facility. 

Solidum stressed that Bauertek started as a small enterprise and grew to become a medium and big enterprise which was able to pay the financial assistance provided by the DOST within three years. 

He pointed out that “without a law, Filipino Inventions would benefit other countries first, and nobody can stop them to have their Inventions patented abroad.”

“By December of this year, the Medical Cannabis Bill will be signed into law by President Bongbong Marcos, Jr.,” Richard Nixon Gomez said. 

“Once legalized, the price of the Medical Cannabis in the Philippines will be 15 percent higher than the price of Cannabis abroad,” he added. 

Based on testimonial and scientific evidence, Cannabis can cure Alzheimers, Parkinson s Disease, cancer, epilepsy and many other ailments. 

Dr. Leah J. Buendia, said that “sa palagay ko po naging bahagi ang DOST sa pamamagitan ng ‘grant-in-aid program’.”

Bauertek Farmaceutical Technologies is the premier research, development, and manufacturing facility in the Philippines.

Undersecretary Sancho Mangobang lauded the partnership between the DOST and Bauertek. 

Mangobang hailed the international recognition for such a partnertship and for the Filipino in Inventions. – By Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr.