Atty. Alex Avisado, Jr.

By Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr. 

QUEZON CITY — Executives of Bell-Kenz     

Pharmaceutical, Inc. on Tuesday (May 21) filed cyberlibel charges with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) against Dr. Antonio “Tony” Leachon. 

In a press conference at Max’s  Restaurant in Scout Tuazon, Quezon City, Atty. Alex Avisado, Jr. said it took time for Bell-Kenz to take action in the sense that they would like to have an air tight case against the malicious allegations of Leachon. 

The allegations of Leachon claimed that Bell-Kenz has been overcharging or allegedly engaging in unethical standard. 

Avisado stressed that “was it right for claiming that doctors are practicing their profession in exchange for Rolex watch.”

“The disclosures of the doctors of Bell-Kenz are already complete,” he said. 

According to Avisado, they may file an administrative complaint against Leachon in order to revoke his license to practice medicine. 

Avisado added that they are not only holding Leachon criminally liable, but also other doctors who are destroying the reputation of Bell-Kenz which was only providing medicines which are cheaper by 30 percent to the Filipino people. 

“Bell-Kenz is open to all government agencies for the conduct of an investigation in order to clear the name of Bell-Kenz from the malicious allegations of Leachon,” Avisado said. 

Avisado said that Leachon went to the Senate and accused Bell-Kenz of allegedly switching his prescriptions. 

Atty. Dezery Perlez, Spokesperson of Bell-Kenz, said that they filed a criminal complaint for violation of the Ant-Cyber Law against Dr. Antonio Leachon. 

Leachon alleged or claimed that the doctors of Bell-Kenz are overcharging their patients in exchange for luxury cars.

“What we have filed is a criminal complaint and not a civil complaint which is penalized with imprisonment,” Perlez said. 

Perlez added that the NBI would take action on the malicious posts in the social media of Leachon which also destroyed the reputation of doctors. 

“As of today, we have only criminally charged a single respondent,” Perlez said. 

Atty. Joseph Vincent Go, legal counsel of Bell-Kenz, said that the allegations of Leachon had besmirched the reputation of Bell-Kenz. 

“At this point,” Go said, “we are not sure where did Leschon gather his sources of Bell-Kenz doctors who were allegedly engaging in unethical standard in exchange for luxury cars, jewelries and others.” 

Leachon, Go said, also had malicious postings in the Twitter and X. – By Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr.