Brace yourself for the ultimate cinematic experience as SM Cinema Pulilan unveils its doors, ushering in
a wave of classic charm harmonized with cutting-edge cinematic technology. Its three newest cinemas
offer an unparalleled movie-watching experience as guests revel in a front-row spectacle.

Impeccable Visuals and Sonic Brilliance
Embark on a sensory feast with the state-of-the-art Standard Laser Projector System and Dolby 7.1
Surround Sound System. Witness the magic unfold on the silver screen with unmatched clarity, while
the Dolby Surround Sound pulls you into a captivating realm, enhancing every scene for the ultimate
cinematic experience.

Conveniently Plush Seating
Indulge in comfort with Opus Fixed seats, ensuring style and comfort for all 245 guests. Cinema 1 and 2
can accommodate 93 guests each, while Cinema 3 provides a delightful experience for 59 moviegoers.
Among the luxurious seats, each cinema features two PWD seats, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility
for all movie enthusiasts.

Retro Industrial-Inspired Ambiance
From the expansive lobby to the cozy booths, and through the hallways to the restrooms, every corner
exudes refreshing vibes, creating a joyful and aesthetically pleasing environment. Each detail has been
meticulously designed for an escapade, transforming your visit into a visual journey through the golden
era of cinema.

Immerse yourself in nostalgia and capture timeless moments in a setting seamlessly blending classic
aesthetics with contemporary flair. SM Cinema Pulilan invites you to step back in time while embracing
the future of cinema. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this cinematic journey at SM Cinema
Pulilan. Book your tickets now and invite your friends for an unforgettable experience in a space tailored
for cinema enthusiasts like you. — PR