Dr. Mary Jane "MJ" Evangelista, USNRC President, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, with the nursing graduates who will undergo the US Nursing Review from June 24 to July 10, 2024. – Photo by Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr.

By Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr.

MAKATI CITY — The Nursing Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) orientation seminar was conducted for free by the United States Nursing Review Center (USNRC) with the kindness of Dr. Mary Jane “MJ” Evangelista and her husband Bryan on Saturday (June 8).

A thanksgiving celebration was also held at the USNRC office located in No. 93 EDSA cor. Urdaneta St., Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City.

The USNRC offers US Nursing RN/LPN application assistance.

It is the newest branch of U. S. Nursing Review Center Makati City Branch in the Philippines with Dr. MJ Evangelista. 

Among others, present were Atty. Dan Banares, legal counsel of USNRC, Dr. Libert A. Acibo, who has been in the medical profession for more than 30 years, the Evangelista family and the Tejada family. 

Atty. Banares led the prayer, saying that “the Lord said, wherever there are two of you gather, I will be there.” 

For his part, Dr. Acibo said that with the USNRC with Dr. MJ, *you are in good hands.”

Dr. Acibo had been teaching in the Philippine Christian University (PCU) School of Graduate Studies for five years now. 

Dr. Jen De Asis is the operations manager of the USNRC United States Team, together with one of the team’s “Angels”, Patricia Victoria. 

USNRC US President and Chief Executive Officer Bryan Evangelista, through livestream or share stream, said that he had done the orientation seminar before for 45 years. 

Bryan had been using the same materials, review tools for a long time. 

Why? He asked the students what were their reasons for taking up the Review.

Why they were present today? Was it for love life or was it for money? 

He reminded the students that they will learn from the presentors even if they are younger than them. 

Bryan reminisced that they operated in the United States a licensed Nursing Review Center and with a 100 percent passing rate. 

“Nursing was started by the Americans in the United States and they are the same professionals who also thought nursing to the Filipinos,” Bryan said. 

He added that, together with his wife Dr. MJ Evangelista, they have many other businesses in the United States other than the Nursing Review Center. 

Since 2012, Bryan said that they have service and advantages, review tools and value for your money. 

He assured that the review fee is not as expensive compared with other review centers. 

Bryan stressed that the knowledge does not only come from him and Dr. MJ, but also from other professionals in the USNRC. 

He challenged the students to study further and dig deeper into the nursing profession. 

Dr. MJ Evangelista,, who graduated from the CEU, has taught in several medical schools in the Philippines as well as in the United States. 

She had been a Dean twice in Nursing schools for 250 students in Chicago, United States, which is very strict in standards of nursing schools. 

Dr. MJ was able to lift the “red flag” from the Chicago nursing school. 

Bryan, however, said some of their students were “lost” in their website during the Covid-19 pandemic (2020-2022 in the Philippines). 

He recalled that a nursing graduate, who was a “sacristan (altar assistant)”, failed to pass a nursing examination for three times in six months, and they decided to help him pass the exam.

Lo and behold! That nursing graduate passed the nursing examination with the help of Bryan and Dr. MJ at the USNRC. 

Bryan cited the review study as understanding NCLEX. 

He noted that people have different learning styles. 

“Sleep is very basic such that don’t self study when you are sleeping,” Bryan said. 

“Food such as an apple, which is ferrosulphate which helps the brain think and become strong,” he added. 

“Stress such that you have to free your mind and focus. If you are anxious, you are stressed,” Bryan said. 

“You need to be honest when you are a student. You need to admit the reality of what you are. Assess yourself and you will start from there,” he added. 

Bryan stressed that 80 percent of a person’s energy is spent in daily routinary activities, noting that “life is not a straight line.” 

“It is constantly doing the right thing,” he said. 

Bryan admitted that he has difficulty in sleeping because he has responsibility in the Philippines and responsibility in the United States as well. 

“Once expanded to the dimensions of a larger idea, (the mind) never returns to its original size,” Bryan quoted Oliver Wendell Homes as saying. 

Rodeo “Deo” Aguilar is the Chief Operating Officer of Olivarez Hotel, President of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM), one of the members of the Board of Trustees of PLM, an executive of the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA), Presidential Medal Awardee of GMA in 2007. 

Aguilar worked in the Cleveland Hospital, the biggest hospital in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and would like to put up the Cleveland Hospital in the United States. 

Aguilar stressed that the UAE pays the highest for nurses in the Middle East in the amount of US$200,000 per annum. 

The PLM president pointed out that the Ten Rights of a Patient to Medication should be observed before administering medication. 

The PNA executive cited the proper placement of the stethoscope in the ears and nowhere else in the body. 

The PLM Board of Trustees Member noted the level of difficulty in the 265 questions such as in analyzing the mastery of the questions. 

Dr. MJ Evangelista said that the real reason why she went back home all the way from Chicago, United States is for a speaking engagement. 

She recalled that a mother had nine children and dreamed that one day, one of her children will become a guest speaker. 

That mother was Dr. MJ’s mother and that child is Dr. MJ herself. 

Dr. MJ did not know that she was intelligent until she reached fourth year high school as she used to be in Section 3.

She expounded the three D’s to become successful in life and in career. 

“Desire should be specific and clear, otherwise, there will be no direction,” she said. 

Dr. MJ stressed that the real dream or goal is not to become a guest speaker, but rather, to reach for the star and become successful. 

“Discipline should be that there must be at least five hours of sleep,” Dr. MJ said. 

*Devotion is commitment that is how to pass the NCLEX,” she added. 

“I do believe to be successful, there is a need for ‘cloning’ who would help in the face-to-face study,” Dr. MJ said. 

She emphasized that the face-to-face is necessary to show that the USNRC Legion Protocol is true and real physically and not a “diploma mill”, so to speak. 

The USNRC Review of the first batch of students will start on June 24, 2024 until July 10, 2024 from Monday to Friday. 

The US Nursing Legion Protocol with “Education With You In Mind” is duly registered with the Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

“Elevate your nursing career with our personalized support! Navigate your application process seamlessly with US Nursing guidance. We refine your documents, prepare you, ensure you stand out, and obtain authority to take the NCLEX exam in the United States (50 States) from beginning to end — from processing your NCLEX application, to Reviewing, all the way to becoming U.S. RN. Start your journey to success with us!” it said. 

The NCLEX-RN/PN Complete All-in-One Review is a comprehensive online course designed to help nursing students prepare for the NCLEX RN/LPN exam. 

It features asynchronous (online) classes, free access to 3,000 to 5,000 question banks, NGN questions, and additional resources. 

The NCLEX-RN/LPN Hybrid Comprehensive Review + Last Minute Review is a comprehensive review course, combining online and in-person classes, enhanced by a last-minute live virtual session, guarantees thorough preparation for the NCLEX exam. 

This course ensures that students develop a solid understanding of the test material, with complimentary access to question banks. 

Both courses come with a special price of PhP20,000 originally and now down to PhP15,000.

The Philippines Local Board Hybrid Comprehensive Review + Last Minute Review is a hybrid program seamlessly integrates in-person and virtual classes, ensuring flexibility for a well-rounded learning experience. 

It specifically focuses on the content required for the Philippines Local Board nursing exam and includes complimentary access question banks. 

Kimberly Domingo, a graduate of nursing from Panpacific University North Philippines in Urdaneta City Pangasinan in 2013, will start her NCLEX Review on June 24, 2024 and for the next two weeks. 

Domingo was a former nurse in Saudi Arabia for four years assigned in Emergency Room as a general nurse. 

She went back home to the Philippines in 2021 because her father died in March 2021.

Domingo returned back to Saudi Arabia in April 2021 and finished her contract in September 2021. 

She was offered a salary increase but she did not accept it because she personally took care of the retirement papers of her father, the proceeds of were to be transferred to her mother. 

Domingo also took up an examination as a financial advisor. She passed the said exam in 2022 and she has been a Sunlife financial advisor since then. 

Jennifer Gamboa, also about to take the NCLEX Review, encouraged Domingo to also take the NCLEX. – By Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr.

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