From left: Dr. Richard Nixon Gomez, Dir. Julius Caesar Sicat, Dr. Roland Pagsanjan, Dr. Rigel Gomez, Mayor Baby Arni Lazaro Alvarez, Dir. Jonnel Soriano, Dr. Edgar Orden and foreign guest. – Photo by Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr.

SCIENCE CITY Of MUNOZ, Nueva Ecija — The new PHP2.75-billion facility of Bauertek Corporation was successfully inaugurated on Saturday, November 18 here in this city with presence of national and local government officials and other stakeholders in Medical Cannabis. 

In his speech, Dr. Rigel Gomez said that the facility will have a cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, research and development for herbal plants for medical purposes.

Dr. Edgar Orden, President of Central Luzon State University (CLSU) said that he had been busy for the last two weeks prior for today’s groundbreaking. 

He had been a researcher for the last three decades before he met Dr. Richard Nixon Gomez today. 

*The groundbreaking today is a bigger science and technology innovation and commercialization name it. 

“Without the help of Dr. Sicat, today’s groundbreaking would not be possible, he said. 

The beneficiaries of the new facility are the CLSU, the creation of jobs and the income for the Science City of Munoz. 

“We want to start this soon para makinabang na ang mga estudyante ng CLSU,” he said.

He expressed his profound gratitude to Dr. Richard Nixon Gomez for the memorandum of agreement (MOA) which is good for 20 years and extendible for another period of time and making the groundbreaking possible. 

The agreement is between Bauertek and the CLSU wherein the Phase 1 is for 4.5 hectares and Phase 2 is for 14.5 hectares. 

Dr. Julius Caesar Sicat of DOST Region III said that he had known Dr. Richard Nixon Gomez for only a few years now. 

He met Dr. Richard in Isabela State University in a malunggay project of Bauertek which he knew will not settle for nothing less. 

They also met in Baguio City where Dr. Sicat declared that Bauertek will be the business project partner of CLSU in the Science City of Munoz. 

The memorandum of agreement finally come into fruition in today’s groundbreaking at the CLSU. 

The CLSU is a State University Level 3 and is now a candidate to become a State University Level 5.

This is what the Science City of Munoz and the CLSU is waiting for such that of research, development and export of products which Bauertek has been known for several years now. 

He himself and his 90-year old mother survived the Covid-19 with the use of the food and drug supplements provided by Bauertek through Dr. Richard Nixon Gomez. 

“We want the Science City of Munoz to be the model of being a smart city in Central Luzon. Believe that Science works, ” he said. 

Mayor Alvarez said that on behalf of the local government unit of the Science City of Munoz “we welcome Bauertek’s groundbreaking which proves that the CLSU is really the hub of science and innovation.”

She extended her heartfelt gratitude to Bauertek Corp. for making the CLSU as the place of their new facility. 

The symbolic groundbreaking ceremonies were graced and participated in by Dr. Richard Nixon Gomez, Dr. Rigel Gomez, Dr. Orden, Dr. Sicat, Mayor Alvarez, Dr. Mutuc, Dr. Roland Pagsanjan, Dr. Soriano and other officials and guests. 

A short 3 and a half minute video produced by Bauertek Corporation showed the soon to rise new multi-billion world-class and state of the art facility, which is the first and only one of its kind in the whole of Southeast Asia.

Dr. Richard Nixon Gomez, in his closing remarks, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Mayor Alvarez and Dr. Orden, Dr. JC Sicat for their invaluable contribution for the realization of the new facility.

“The offer in another place ay hindi magrerenta ng lupa but ownership, pero sa CLSU ay total partnership. Gagawa ng mga bagong building dito. Three years old lang ang Bauertek which opened in Dec. 2019 because we didn’t disinfectant We made several facemasks and disinfectants and distributed them,” Gomez said.

Dr. Gomez noted that during the ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine), the employees of Bauertek practically walked in the street to be able to gain entry into the Bauertek facility

Barely three years later, a multimillion dollar facility will rise in the grounds of Munoz. 

It will bring millions of income to Munoz and billions to the national government. 

“To the DOST, CLSU, the Science City of Munoz, and friends in the media, may the blessings of God be with you.”

In a press conference, Dr. Richard Nixon Gomez said that in the initial phase, 200 jobs will be generated in the Science City of Munoz, 

He stressed that the facility which is groundbroke today is a Php180-billion and will provide Php40 billion in taxes the government. 

He added that Phase 1 is composed of a four-hectare area for buildings. 

After getting all the clearances, it will start in January 2024. 

Phase 2 will start in 2025. 

Phase 3 is another open house of an eight hectare plantation for turmeric and another 100-hectare plantation for high value crops.

Through the Business Innovation System of DOST, this multimillion dollar facility will be realized 

Munoz Mayor Baby Arni Lazaro Alvarez said that many jobless people will be given employment as Dr. Gomez cited that 200 jobs will be generated in Phase 1 of the new facility which has just been groundbroken.

The people of Munoz are very happy because they will be planting other crops. 

Dr. Rigel Gomez said that this facility will be an extension of the Bauertek facility in Guiguinto. Bulacan. 

He assured that 90 percent of the trees in the CLSU will not be uprooted and it will be maintained as Bauertek is environment friendly. 

Dr. Richard Nixon Gomez said that after all the hearings in Congress and the Senate “We hope that Cannabis will be legalized in the country soon.”

Dr. Gomez stressed that the advocates of Cannabis and Bauertek as members of the Technical Working Group in the 19th Congress has been updating the nine old proposed bills in Congress to make them a justified proposed legislative measure to be passed and enacted by the 19th Congress and signed into law by President Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. before the end of 2024. 

Dr. Orden said that the area has been a problem to them in looking for the funding of Php200 million, which in August 2023, Bauertek Corporation gave the needed opportunity to the CLSU.

The CLSU president stressed that he himself witness the research being done on Cannabis in Saschachewan province in Canada. 

Mayor Alvarez has been a nurse for 40 years where she saw for herself in Australia the suffering of cancer patients. 

She cited Dr. Richard Gomez who is into research of many plants, including Cannabis, to manufacture medicines to treat various ailments. 

PDEA Director Bart Aragoso made it to the event. 

Dr. Mutia noted that Cannabis has been used as medicine for the longest time in history such that even national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal was able to purchase Marijuana from a local drugstore to treat an ailment. 

Dr. Richard Nixon Gomez, Dr. Rigel Gomez, Dr. Jonnel Soriano, Dr. Gem Marq Mutia are now conducting a research, details of which will not be revealed, to form part of the database of Bauertek.

Dr. Richard Gomez toured the officials and guests around the area where the Herbal processing center, VIP Villa and the Staff House will be erected, as well as the Green House Cultivation which is the area where the farmers will cultivate the herbal plants. – By Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr.