ACPSSII President Herman "Ka Mentong" Tiu Laurel (left) and Movie Director Mauro Gia Samonte explained the "Community of Shared Future for Humanity" during the Media Forum in Pasig Cty on Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024. -- Photo by Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr.

By Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr.

PASIG CITY — The think tank Asian Century Philippines Strategic Studies Institute Inc. (ACPSSII) on Saturday (Jan. 27) divulged that China is envisioning a community of shared future for mankind as well as better Philippine foreign relations.

During the ACPSSII Media Forum, Prof. Anna Malindog-Uy speaking from Beijing, China via video teleconference, noted that the vision of shared community and shared future is not only significant but imperative.

“The era of interconnectivity has bridged the gap of digital divide which should address the cybersecurity challenges,” Uy said.

“It’s a vision of shared community of the concept of a Multipolar World and not a Unipolar world,” she added.

She stressed that it’s not utopia but it’s achievable.

“Let’s embrace this vision with open heart and open mind,” Uy said.

ACPSSII President Herman “Ka Mentong” Tiu Laurel said that there is the dream or vision of a community of shared future for mankind.

Laurel cited the picture of the world today.

He mentioned the decision of the International Court of Justice on the genocide case filed by South Africa against Israel.

The ICJ, Laurel said, has ordered Israel to stop committing genocide against the Palestinian people in the light of the ongoing war between Israel and the Hamas militant group in Gaza Strip.

Laurel added that the Philippines is now in the special situation on the crossroad of war with China.

However, he noted that Foreign Affairs Secretary Enrique Manalo heeded the Dec. 20, 2023 phone conversation with Chinese Minister Wang Yi.

“It’s a moment for quiet reflection standing at the ‘crossroad’,” Wang Yi described to Manalo.

According to Laurel, there was a yet baseless allegation of Chinese Coast Guard harassment at Bajo de Masinloc made with no substantive investigation which did not prosper.

“Instead we note PBBM’s (President Ferdinand ‘Bpngbong’ R. Marcos, Jr.’) emphatic reiteration of the ‘One China pilicy’,” Laurel said.

The ACPSSII chief executive presented a photo of President Marcos with Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian at the DepEd (Department of Education) 2024 Report with Vice President and DepEd Secretary Sara Duterte – intimating a pro-active advocacy role. “

The evolving international situation should be a deep concern of our nation and its policy makers especially in the foreign policy field,” Laurel said.

He mentioned the crises in Ukraine, Israel-Gaza, East Asia and the Taiwan Straits-South China Sea all involved proxies of the US but are already catastrophically crushing the Philippine livelihood and living standards.

“The Philippines must stand with the solution and not the problem,” Laurel said.

The subject of the special forum of ACPSSII today is focusing on that better world vision that is the “Vision of a Community of Shared Future for Mankind”.

Laurel stressed that Chinese President Xi Jinping first proposed such a vision 11 years ago in answer to the question “Where is humanity headed?”

He pointed out that Xi Jinping’s proposal lights the path forward as the world fumbles for solutions, and represents China’s contribution to global efforts to protect “our shared home called Earth – and create a better future of prosperity for all.”

Laurel expounded that China today has the economic, financial and geopolitical means to bring the benefits of material development to the world.

He emphasized that it results in stability and peace, especially amongst the emerging economies of the Global South.

The ACPSSII President noted that the Community of Shared Future project has gained the active support of the world’s majority in the Global South, adding that, leading countries from the African Union, Latin America and West Asia ranging from South Africa to Venezuela and Egypt joins China in building the Community of Shared Future of Mankind.

ASEAN’s seven countries, including Vietnam, while awaiting Singapore and Brunei’s expected engagement, are already helping build the Community of Shared Future for Mankind.

“The Philippines has been delayed by the momentary domestic impasse in the refocusing of its foreign relations direction but no doubt stands to benefit from joining the ASEAN majority in participating in the community’s campaign for global development, security and civilizational convergence,” Laurel said.

“China’s ‘community of shared future’ is a call for global brotherhood,” he added.

It was highlighted that among others, A Community with a Shared Future for Mankind involves the Belt and Road Initiative, Global Development Initiative, Global Security Initiative, and Global Civilization Initiative.

“Hence, today, the ACPSSII endeavors to explain the concepts and enabling actions behind the Vision of the ‘Community of Shared Future for Mankind,” Laurel said.

“Ambassador Huang Xilian of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China has been kind enough to share and permit the exposition he used to expound on the subject Community of Shared Future for Mankind slides,” he added.

Movie Director Mauro Gia Samonte, Manila Times columnist and author of the book” China: The Way, The Truth and The Light”, said that instead of pro-China, it should be friendly to China.

“The vision or dream of a shared community for mankind is contrary to the prevailing condition such that there is a producer who is making the products and a consumer who is consuming the products,” Samonte said.

“The reigning class and the class who are being ruled by the ruling class should be united so that there will be a shared community for mankind,” he added.

He cited that China is the only country in the world who is promoting socialism which is bringing about progress and development.

“You cannot be pro-Filipino, if you are not pro-China or with friendly relations with China. Hence, the system of China should be assimilated with that of the Philippines,” Samonte said.

The Bolshevik Revolution, he said only lasted for 10 days wherein Nikolai Lenin ousted the Cabinet of the reigning Czar and established the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

Samonte noted that during the past, war was the only means to resolve conflict, but today, dialogue is the means exerted to resolve misunderstanding and conflicts among nations.

“China should take the responsibility, take the initiative to assimilate the underdeveloped countries into the system of China being the most powerful and developed country,” Samonte said.

“Winning a war, without fighting,” Samonte said, adding that, “you have already won the battle, without firing a single shot.”