QUEZON CITY — A Filipino inventor on Tuesday, July 11,  sought the help of the government in order to jumpstart the use of solar energy to power up the electronic jeepneys.

In an interview with the Media House Express during the Bistag in Action program hosted by Allan Dodong Afable Hobrero, De Jesus said that nine balls would be needed to make a series of eight panels that would make an e-jeep to run.

He added that more than eight solar panels are needed to be able to maximize the potential of solar energy to an e-jeepney. 

De Jesus explained that he would also make the break system of the e-jeep to generate energy and not only consume the solar energy from the solar panels attached to it. 

The inventor cited that he would also make a design that the solar panels attached to the e-jeep while it is parked can also energize the home of the e-jeep owner. 

De Jesus noted that since fossil fuels such as gas and petroleum products are depleting and contributing to global warming with its emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it’s now high time to switch to alternative energy such as solar energy.

He expressed the hope that the Filipino people would also patronize the use of solar power so that dependence on fossil fuels would be lessened. – By Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr.