By Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr.

QUEZON CITY — East Zone concessionaire Manila Water remains compliant with water quality standards set by the government, specifically the Department of Health’s (DOH) Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW).

“Contaminants and external debris can make their way into the customer’s water supply through leaks and other damages in the plumbing system. To make sure that the water remains clean and potable, the water pipes after the meter should be maintained in good condition,” Jeric Sevilla, Manila Water Corporate Communication Affairs Group Director, said in a statement on Tuesday (Jan. 16).

Sevilla also advised the public to be observant of the quality of water in their taps before use.

“We should make it a habit to always check the water quality before consuming them. Water should be clear and transparent, free from impurities and foreign particles, tasteless, colorless, and odorless. For Manila Water customers, we encourage them to report to us immediately any water quality concern by calling our Customer Care Hotline 1627. The safety of our customers is of paramount importance to us,” Sevilla added.

The water firm has consistently passed water quality tests conducted on different regulatory sampling points, from water treatment plants, service reservoirs, pumping stations, distribution lines and customer taps, with a total of 78,523 tests conducted from January to November 2023.

The water samples were tested for physical, microbiological, and chemical parameters, with the PNSDW compliance certifying that the water supply is 100% free from thermotolerant coliforms, and organic and inorganic chemicals and contaminants.

Through its own ISO (International Organization for Standardization)-certified and DOH-accredited laboratory and testing facilities, Manila Water commits to consistently provide accurate and reliable water quality tests.

For November 2023, the Manila Water Laboratory Services (MWLS) achieved a compliance rate of 113.69% by conducting 6,709 water sampling tests.

This surpassed the 5,901 tests required by the DOH to ensure that the water being supplied to customers is clean and potable.

As the water company assured its customers that the water being supplied by Manila Water is safe to drink, other factors can affect the water quality once it reaches their tap.

With this, the water concessionaire reminded its customers to regularly check their plumbing systems at home.