United Press International (UPI) Vice Chairman Youngjun Kim delivers his keynote address during the Global Peace Media Forum on Tuesday (Nov. 7) at The Manila Prince Hotel in Ermita, Manila. – Photo by Harold T. Raymundo

MANILA — United Press International (UPI) Vice Chairman Youngjun Kim has expressed no doubt that the Philippines can lead not only here but also in Asia-Pacific and beyond.

Mr. Kim cited the critical role of the media more than ever before. 

During the Global Peace Media Forum on Tuesday (Nov. 7) at the Manila Prince Hotel, Mr. Kim said that the serious challenge that the media is now facing is the fast and easy dissemination of fake news in the social media which is not verified and fact checked.

Mr. Kim, who is also the Vice President of Family Peace Association (FPA), said that profit and gain may compromise the objectivity and integrity of the freedom of the press because of bias and unfair reporting.

He noted that the media has the immense power to influence the thinking of the people, hence, the press must be responsible and self-governed.

According to him, 26 percent of 40 countries in 2022 distrust the media based on the report of Reuters.

Mr. Kim stressed that freedom is bound by God and therefore freedom must have self-control, discipline and responsibility.

The viral disinformation and fake news contribute to confusion, he said.

Mr. Kim said that the killing of a journalist should neither happen nor be tolerated.

“Freedom is one of the greatest gifts from God. The purpose of human life is determined by God,” he said.

“To be a good journalist, one must be a good human being. Media must be in the forefront of tranquility and morality,” he added. 

“The media must be the cudgels of the society as it is the guardian of truth and champion of freedom,” Mr. Kim stressed. – By Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr.