ANGELES CITY, Pampanga – There’s no stopping now to claim that the richest country and wealthiest man in the world is the Philippines and a Filipino, respectively. 

This is due to the fact that the man of the hour has come out in the open and divulge everything that he knew. 

Atty. Eligio Catangay Ocampo, now 73, disclosed in a press conference in Vista Verde Resort in Angeles City on Saturday, September  2, that he has 97 trillion US dollars and 48,000 metric tons of gold deposited in 170 bank accounts in various countries. 

For security reasons, Ocampo’s facial identity shall not be revealed. 

Atty. Ocampo, in a statement on Sunday, September 3, also disclosed more about the banks wherein he has confirmed and verified bank deposits. 

Ocampo said all these accounts totalling 170 deposited in various countries are in Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) with USD 7 Trillion and 5,000MT of Gold Bullion Deposit; HSBC HK with USD 189 Trillion and 25,000MT of Gold Bullion Deposits; HSBC Bangkok, Thailand with 250 Trillion and 50,000 MT of Gold Bullion Deposits; HSBC Jakarta, Indonesia with USD 200Trillion and 45,000MT of Gold Bullion Deposits.

Ocampo had worked as a “boy” with the former President Ferdinand Marcos in Malacanang in 1969 when he was still 19 years old. 

He never knew that the former President entrusted to him such huge wealth as he earned the trust and confidence of the elder Marcos. 

Ocampo added that the huge wealth is Divine Wealth such that it should be used for the general welfare and well-being of the 110 million Filipinos, otherwise, bad omen shall befall the beneficiaries. 

He also said that the elder Marcos rewarded him with a ring, a gold card and a key symbolizing authority over and ownership of the Divine Wealth. 

Eligio in Latin means “Chosen One.”

The more than 97 trillion US dollars and 48,000 metric tons of gold Divine Wealth is now entrusted to the FMCA Grand Advisory Council headed by Chairman Ocampo.

However, he clarified that former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos, her daughter now Senator Imee Marcos and her son now President Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. knew nothing about the existence of the Divine Wealth. 

Chairman Ocampo has earlier been recognized in Thailand as the wealthiest man in the world for owning huge bank deposits in that country. 

When he also visited Vietnam and China to inquire about the other bank deposits, the bank officials in both countries expressed surprise to see him that he was still alive. 

The officers and members of the Dakilang Lipi Legacy Foundation, a non-stock and non-profit organization, stand to benefit from the Divine Wealth. 

If the said Divine Wealth will not be put in good use, the holder of the Divine Wealth will suffer bad omen. 

Earlier, all the officers of the various chapters of the Dakilang Lipi Legacy Foundation nationwide were inducted and took their oath of office, respectively in the presence of the FMCA Grand Advisory Council of the Dakilang Lipi Legacy Incorporated and the Abe Abe Producers Cooperative. – By Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr.