From left Dr. Gem Marq Mutia, Dr. Romeo Quijano, Edison Ching, and Edwin Eusebio.

QUEZON CITY — Dr. Gem Marq Mutia, an adult medicine specialist and founder of the Philippine Society of Cannabinoid Medicine (PSCM), on Monday (Nov. 13) categorically said that “It’s too obvious that Marijuana is medical. It’s not anymore a debate.” 

“Reading between the lines, hopefully the price (Cannabis) will not be expensive if and when the government allowed the market of Medical Cannabis,” Dr. Mutia said during the Medical Health Forum at Gerry’s Grill in Eton Centris, Quezon Avenue, EDSA in Quezon City. 

However, Dr. Mutia noted that although “there’s nothing more traditional than Marijuana 26,000 years ago, Cannabis has been used in industrial purposes even before it’s been used as medicine.” 

Dr. Mutia, an advocate of Medical Cannabis for more than ten years, noted that Dr. Romeo Quijano has been a resource person in Congress in the past.

The PSCM president stressed that Marijuana is a medicine but only the importation of Cannabis Oil is allowed by the Department of Health (DOH) and the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) through a “compassionate special permit.”

Dr. Mutia pointed out that DOH Secretary Ted Herbosa has recognized that there are many medical benefits that can be derived from Cannabis. 

For his part, Dr. Romeo Quijano, toxicologist and pharmacologist, a retired professor from the University of the Philippines Manila and an advocate from Masikhay Research, said that Marijuana is herbal medicine, particularly the Medical Cannabis. 

Dr. Quijano noted that many people do not know that 5,000 to 6,000 years ago, Medical Cannabis has already been used as medicine. 

He said that the indigenous people have long been using Medical Cannabis for the longest time in history. 

Dr. Quijano cited that 25 percent of prescription drugs in industrialized counties such as the United States and European countries, to name a few, were derived from a hundred plant-based substances. 

He explained that there is a huge competition with big synthetic drug companies, hence, they are continuously destroying the benefits being derived from Medical Cannabis. 

Dr. Quijano said that because of the influence of the big synthetic drug corporations, hence, they are continuously destroying the Medical Cannabis and they were able to make many people believe about the alleged bad effects of Cannabis. 

The veteran toxicologist and pharmacologist added that majority of the politicians in the world were made to believe by the big synthetic drug companies that Cannabis is bad and addictive. 

However, he said that the United States Center for Disease Control has recognized that Cannabis is indeed an effective medicine for nausea, vomiting, chronic pain, epilepsy, convulsions, potential anti-cancer effects, treatment of Hepatitis C virus infection and treatment of certain neuro-psychiatric conditions. 

Unfortunately, Dr. Quijano said, all the knowledge and information that indeed there are many medical benefits that can be derived from Cannabis were all suppressed.

He noted that Cannabis helps in the emotional and psychological condition of a patient, saying that, Paracetamol is dangerous than Cannabis. 

Dr. Quijano mentioned that more than 480,000 people are dying because of the use of Tobacco yearly, 980 are dying from Paracetamol, and no one died from Cannabis, but why is it still “demonized” until now, including herbal plants such as Lagundi and others. 

“In the end, the big synthetic drug companies are also manufacturing drugs using Lagundi,” he said. 

“Conspiratory suppression is still on indigenous medicines and alternative medicines allegedly being committed by the World Health Organization (WHO),” he added. 

Dr. Quijano stressed that the big drug corporations and other conspirators are still “controlling” the use of medicines worldwide. 

Meanwhile, Laguna Rep. Dan Fernandez, House Committee on Public Security Chairman, is set to conduct a hearing on Tuesday (Nov. 14) in relation to the alleged “conspiratory suppression”, which will be attended by Dr. Quijano and his group. 

Rep. Fernandez earlier said that such a “suppression” of the truth about medicines is a threat to public security.

On the other hand, Edison Ching, industrial hemp champion and co-founder of Sensible PH, said that “It is fantastic that we can now make many things out of Medical Cannabis.” 

“It (Cannabis) has many things or uses such as from its stems and leaves. Medicinal portion and the medical aspect of Cannabis and we can help many people because of that,” Ching added. 

The industrial hemp champion stressed that “We are still isolated in terms of the use of Medical Cannabis. In many universities in the world they are using hemps for researches. Hemp shows promise in cleanup of toxic chemicals used in many products.” 

He cited that “Hemp on par and with wood in ability to capture and store greenhouse gas. There are many researches in nuclear plants. Industrial hemp is a wonderful tool to do many things with its sustainability, hemp crème, among others.” 

The Sensible PH founded pointed out that industrial hemp is used to produce paper and cement. 

“Hemp can be substitute for polyethylene in packaging, Canadian study shows. Study shows hemp plants enhance wine quality and soil,” Ching noted. 

“The wastes of hemp are also biodegradable in less than five years compared to other substances or chemicals. Low-dose CBD is now legal without prescription in countries like New Zealand,” he said.

“It would be more eco-friendly if hemp is used as construction material. Hulk Hogan says he feels ‘25 again; with the use of CBD,” he added. 

Ching mentioned that from taboo to trendsetter, the world is getting started with how to optimize industrial hemp. – By Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr.