The world’s richest man, a Filipino, has a “Divine Wealth” of 4.189 Quadrillion US dollars and 774,000 metric tons of gold at his disposal.

Atty. Eligio Catangay Ocampo, 73, the “Chosen One”, has allotted 250 Billion US dollars worth of infrastructure projects for the development of the Cordillera Administrative Region.

Through the Ferdinand Marcos Cash Account (FMCA) Grand Advisory Council and the Dakilang Lipi Legacy, Incorporated, where Atty. Ocampo is the Chairman Emiritus and Chairman/President, respectively, has now started the Infrastructure Projects to develop the  Cordillera Administrative Region composed of the provinces of Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga and Mountain Province, including Baguio City  and Tabuk City.

“Our group with technical assistance from Japan and China are now conducting preliminary Engineering Surveys, Feasilbility Studies, ocular inspection, actual coordination with stakeholders, local government officials, constituents-beneficiaries, etc. for  Major Infrastructure Projects,” Ocampo declared.

The owner of the Divine Wealth said the Infrastructure Projects are consisting of:
— Airport & facilities; roads, bridges, railway Train system to link the Region with other adjacent Geographical  Regions, concrete bridges, cable cars, farm to market roads,  cutting & levelling of mountain tops to achieve “level-plain” topography of lands for New Community Settlements and tunneling;
— Socio-Economic Development Projects like mass Housing,  Medical tourism hospital; Five star hotels;  Stem Cell Production and manufacturing Centers; Seven (7)  Units of 500 Bed Capacity Hospitals; 
— Entertainment and Show Business facilities dubbed as “Hollywood of Asia”; 
— Agricultural Development Projects, Establishment and operationalization of Quedan Banks; Modern Farm Mechanization; “Revised Land Reform”;
Re institutionalization of Masagana 99 + programs; Putting up Cold  Storage Facilities for fruits and vegetables; and
— Modern Transport Facilities, Sports and Convention Centers, among others.
In the start of the US$ 250-billion Divine Project of the non-government organization which will be implemented and managed by the Dakilang Lipi Legacy, Incorporated (Implementing Partner of FMCA-GAC), the priority will be the construction of an airport, bridges and the improvement of Marcos Highway in Benguet to Sabangan, Mt. Province.
Ocampo worked at the age of 19 years old in Malacañang in 1969 during the second term in office of President Ferdinand Marcos, Sr.

It never crossed his mind that the elder Marcos would entrust to him Quadrillions of US dollars and metric tons of gold deposited in 170 bank accounts in various countries.
Among these banks are the Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) with US$7.8 Trillion and 5,000 metric tons of Gold Bullion Deposit; HSBC in Hongkong with US$189 Trillion and 25,000 metric tons of Gold Bullion Deposits; HSBC Bangkok, Thailand with US$250 Trillion and 50,000 metric tons of Gold Bullion Deposits; HSBC Jakarta, Indonesia with US$200 Trillion and 45,000 metric tons of Gold Bullion Deposits.

Atty. Ocampo faced selected media practitioners after the oath taking of the officers of the FMCA Grand Advisory Council; Dakilang Lipi Legacy Inc,; Pamana ng Lahing Filipino Foundation-Freeborn Legacy; ABE-ABE Producer Cooperative Presidents from different provinces, towns and cities who were inducted into office and promised to implement and cooperate to promote ” Bagong Piliinas”, our great nation.

“In the next chapter, from the last corner of the Archipelago, the Dakilang Lipi ‘YOUTH SECTOR’ will be selected and designated consisting of the majority of our countrymen,” Ocampo said.

“It is still important to disseminate that the Dakilang Lipi has members and officers from other countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Japan, Saipan, Guam, Middle East, South Africa, Europe, England, Canada and USA,” he added.
The Dakilang Lipi will also revive and inflame the “Pagkakaisang Paniniwala” (ECUMENISM) of every “religion” in the Philippines towards the more reinvigorated cooperation, understanding and love in a common adoration and faith to Lord God, the Divine Creator.
Atty. Eligio Catangay Ocampo expressed the hope for the whole-hearted cooperation of all Filipinos wherever they are now.

“The mission of success to everything that they are doing and the things that are still to be done, will only be achieved if we will unite towards a unified direction. The attainment of a great dream for a ‘Bagong Pilipinas,'” Ocampo stressed. – By Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr.