Majority Floor Leader Dr. Doray Delarmente

By Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr. 

QUEZON CITY — Ang Probinsyano Party- List (APPL) Rep. Alfred delos Santos spearheaded the distribution of wheelchairs and other assistance to some 100 persons with disabilities (PWDs) on Tuesday (May 21) at the 15th Floor of the Quezon City Hall. 

Rep. Delos Santos was joined by Majority Floor Leader Dr. Doray Delarmente, Councilor Aiko Melendez, and actor Piolo Pascual, among others. 

The gift giving was the initiative of Piolo Pascual in cooperation with Surge Fitness + Lifestyle, Ang Probinsyano Party-List, and Cornerstone Entertainment Vice President Jeff Fadillo. 

Also present during the event were the families of the beneficiaries, the staff of the Persons with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO) and the Quezon City government.

In her opening remarks, PDAO Head Deborah Dacanay expressed gratitude to Piolo Pascual, Councilor Melendez of District V, Rep. Delos Santos and the Probinsyano Party-List.

Rep. Delos Santos noted that the beneficiaries are excited to see actor Piolo Pascual. 

He acknowledged the presence of Councilor Melendez, among others. 

“This event will not be successful without the help of Jeff Fadillo,” delos Santos said. 

Delos Santos revealed that a bill has been passed in the 19th Congress for the benefit of all senior citizens. 

He also disclosed that he has filed a bill in the 19th Congress for the grant of Php1,000 for the persons with disability (PWDs) and a 20 percent discount for food, medicines and services. 

The Probinsyano Party-List representative also divulged that the PWDs will also be prioritized during the elections wherein they will not be required to line up just to be able to exercise their right of suffrage.

Majority Floor Leader Dr. Doray Delarmente, as representative of Mayor Joy Belmonte, said that they are present in today’s event to receive the donation of wheelchairs and gift packs. 

Delarmente read the message of Mayor Joy Belmonte, who expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the donation and gift giving. 

The mayor noted that 69,170 PWDs were registered in Quezon City.

Melendez also expresssed her gratitude for endeavors in upholding and protecting the rights and welfare of the PWDs in the city. 

Fadillo expressed his gratitude to the Quezon City local government, Councilor Aiko Melendez and Majority Floor Leader Delarmente and Rep. Alfred delos Santos. 

He admitted that he had been a PWD himself and it’s good that all the stakeholders are doing everything for the benefit and welfare of the PWDs. 

Piolo was elated for today’s gathering for the betterment of PWDs. 

He stressed that whatever is lacking to anyone should not be a cause of concern, but rather, take it as an opportunity for the better. 

Pascual, Melendez, Delarmente, Delos Santos and Fadillo turned over the five of the 100 wheelchairs initially to the PWD beneficiaries. 

In a press conference, Piolo said that “basically, it’s such a gift giving.” 

“A lot of things to do in the ground with Rep. Delos Santos. It’s as if it’s the spirit of Christmas already,” he added. 

Rep. Delos Santos said “what we do here is to give smile to the people.*

“The lives of the PWDs should be made a little bit enjoyable, livable,” he added. 

“We go to geographically situated PWDs to see what their condition is,” delos Santos said. 

Delos Santos is targeting to tour the countryside in order to know the real situation of the PWDs. 

Fadillo said “for me, it comes from a personal vantage point because I’m also a PWD.”

“Because of the people who helped me along the way, I was able to move on and move along,” he added. 

He expressed gratitude to the people as “this is just the beginning to realize our dream. Quezon City is such an amazing city that is very organized.”

He thanked the city councilors for helping the PWDs, especially to Pio Pascual. 

“61,000 registered PWDs and multiply that in the whole country.,” Fadilo said.

Delarmente said in behalf of Mayor Joy Delarnente. they would like to thank everyone for today’s gathering.

“Quezon City Is the biggest city in the country with 69,000 plus PWDs and because of that we need the help of everyone,” Delarmente said. 

Melendez noted “as a Party-List congressman, delos Santos is like a Senator of the Land.”

She thanked Papa P, Fadillo, Engelbert Apostol, the Head of PAISD. 

PDAO head Dacanay expressed her profound gratitude to Papa P, Delarnente, Melendez, Fadilo among others. 

Dacanay noted that” Quezon City is about one-fourth of Metro Manila.”

“The deaf cannot go to the theaters because there are no subtitles” she said. 

“In Quezon City, there are 69,000 PWDs because of legible registration,” she added. 

“There are four cases now ongoing for falsification of PWD IDs who have taken away the 20 percent discount which is supposed to be for the PWDs,” Dacanay said. – By Perfecto T. Raymundo, Jr.